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Westex 3D printer is recommended and sold by InventPal.

A website with a good and long list of 3D printers on the market is


From that list you can compare the prices and most the technical specifications. Then from the specifications you can determine if the 3D printer will meet your needs, such as:

  • nozzle size (1.75, 3.0, etc.)

  • print material (PLA, ABS, Wood, etc.)

  • kit or fully assembled

  • heated bed/platform

  • number of extruders

  • bed/platform size

  • type of slicing software

  • SD card, USB or direct connect to computer

  • layer precision

Another very important topic is the return policy, which will allow you to test the equipment for at least 90 days to ensure that you can get a few prints to confirm that it

will continue to work properly. The first 60 days will allow you to troubleshoot any issues, by referring to online forums, YouTube demos, and conducting Google searches. The last 30 days will give you enough time to repackage the 3D printer and return it to the manufacturer.

With that said it is best that you do not throw away the box and the packing materials after you receive the 3D printer. It is a good idea to do the typical youtube product review search to see if you can find any major issues or reoccurring problems.

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